S & J Construction Inc is a construction company providing our clients on the Central Oregon Coast with quality construction for all their residential needs.  Whether it is a small bath renovation or a whole house remodel; a new custom home or uplift; we are qualified and licensed to meet your changing needs.  We have spent years developing our building process that withstands the Oregon Coast weather conditions and believe it is superior to our competitors.  We are committed to staying informed with current custom building trends, leading homeowners in making choices not just for today’s needs but also for their future needs as well.

Remodeling is often viewed as “replacing the old with the new.” Remodeling is a very different process from new residential construction.  It involves additional processes such as demolition, cleaning out, moving rather than simply installing electrical, plumbing, hvac system etc.. We take pride in keeping your home in livable conditions as we progress with the renovation process.

Whether it’s a new construction or renovation, we want you to enjoy your home for years to come for we know that we are not just building a house…we are building you a home for your family.